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busou shinki — a (somewhat obscure?) japanese toy line from the 2000s. they're highly posable and photogenic!

pokémon — tiny pokémon action figures and my probably out of character n harmonia nendoroid.

vocaloid — for some reason, my dad loves to call vocaloid figures "rare mikus". so i guess these are my rare mikus.

other toys — toys from other franchises that don't have enough photos to warrant their own page yet.

nature — flora and fauna from my visits to the local parks.

about my photography

on my 18th birthday, my parents got me a gumi figure as a present. i had been eyeing vocaloid figures for a while, but they were expensive, and at the time i was in high school and very much jobless. so, i was overjoyed when my parents gave me one as a surprise! ...and it all went downhill (for my wallet, anyway) from there, because that was how i began collecting figures and other toys.

sometime shortly after my collection began, my dad bought an entry-level dslr camera so he could take pictures of the cemetery (he's goth). i had seen some amazing toy photography on social media and, so i was inspired to try it for myself. my dad was kind enough to let me borrow his camera, and now i think i use it more than he does... photography is a lot more difficult than it looks, but learning about it is quite fun! i still consider myself an amateur, but when i look back on my old photos, i can see how i've improved, and it motivates me to learn even more!