the wonderful places i've discovered on the worm wide web! :)

please keep in mind these sites may have different content ratings, gifs everywhere, autoplaying music, etc. stay safe out there! ♥

just because i have linked a site doesn't mean i agree with everything on it. not that there's anything glaringly offensive here, at least to my knowledge. this is basically just a "don't come after me in bad faith" disclaimer.

1999x 5am girlfriend aegi's cafe angel99 a.n. lucas's web lounge apex altra astro's sound hell azure sylph bikobatanari blinkies cafe blissnet bootleg64 cadnomori capsule casiopea cepheus cherrychan cinni's dream home cybersparkle cyber rot dannarchy dreamyard dewside districts dog house dokodemo dumbie eligood encounters ltd. euphonium records fairy trash falltumn fear garden feign fluffyhyena frisout's corner gifypet the ham-ham paradise hareryuu ikewise irony machine it's ya boy pedro jackomix katabasis key's klubhouse kirby's rainbow resort koinuko korsses kumaclick laika's lonely planet lazybones like home lovely charmy lovely designs lulu in cyberspace macchiato machine-cat menmy mesoscale mews mirages mle-s-paint moo like a goat mystsaphyr nekotokage neonaut neoratz nightmare fantasmic nikutrax nostalgic ochi-2002gutz plastic dino pompon punchy quesadilla wizard raining starss rgb teahouse rowan's blog roxelle rxqueen sapphire kirby's webpage sea of stars shishka shoujo dreams slumber softheartclinic spiritcellar starlocked strovi sukiyaki city swifty's hq templaterr vencake vertpush virtual diva watcher webheaven white desert yesterweb

pokémon fansites

absol's moonlit cave altered origin arkeis auropaws the cave of dragonflies elite team rocket eonlight valley legendary birds massivoon mewheart mirage island nokocchi nose club razor shell serebii the sky temple sora stareon's hideout the sun shrine suta-raito thousand roads valley of nightmares

pixel art/sozai

asterism appledust bitmapdreams catch a star cotton cutie archive fianna's toybox fool lovers foxfable hamster cage happy mix hot choco ichigo directory kintanti sleepy sprout whimsical!