worm's world

blue ridge furfare 2022

ive loved anthropomorphic animal characters for as long as i can remember, and i've considered myself a furry for ~10 years. i've spent the majority of my time in the furry fandom lurking online, only socializing to share artwork here and there. for a long time, it was a dream of mine to attend a furry convention. one day, i realized i had the money and transportation to attend— why not take a leap of faith? the only thing holding me back was anxiety; i'd never taken a trip without my family before. despite my anxieties, i did it! in march 2022, i attended my first furry convention, blue ridge furfare. i am so, so thankful that i did.

at the convention, i was astounded at how easy it was to talk to people. i made friends with someone because we were making silly noises at each other. i conversed with people standing in line. i dabbed, t-posed, and memed around with random people, who would later become my friends. fursuiters entertained everyone with their antics.

i didn't have to hide the fact that i'm a total weirdo, for fear of not being accepted. there were so many folks being openly, unapologetically queer and neurodivergent. it was a space where i saw my fellow furries expressing themselves without fear of judgement, and it made me feel safe to do the same. it was almost magical. it makes me want to cry. i wish i felt that sense of belonging all the time.

i had a lot of fun at the con, but it was exhausting. due to my low energy level, i was only able to attend the rave on one night, for one hour. it was the best hour of my entire life. the music, the lights, the crowd, the vibes, everything came together into pure euphoria. i lost myself in it all, and danced my heart out until i almost collapsed. thankfully, i managed to limp back to the hotel room before i actually passed out. (i need to get in shape before my next con so this doesn't happen again...)

the dance competition was awe-inspiring. i've always admired fursuit dancers, but seeing them perform in real life was on another level. every single dancer stood out and had their own unique style and energy. i don't know how to put the feeling into words, but it was truly incredible.

there were so many other wonderful things:

i'd be here all day trying to recount all my memories. it was a truly amazing experience that changed my life. i plan to attend more furry conventions in the future! i can't wait!