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play possum studio — my more "professional" art portfolio. art as a business didn't work out for me. (^_^; )

traditional art — generally more experimental and emotional than my digital art.

glitch art — messing around with editing and/or databending is fun!

pixel art — just some little guys. free to use with credit :3

about my art

i have been drawing ever since i developed the fine motor skills to pick up a crayon. plenty of children draw, but many stop drawing somewhere down the line; the reason i kept drawing was my obsession with pokémon. i spent hours studying and copying art out of pokémon guidebooks. then, when i was a preteen, i got my first drawing tablet and started doing digital art. it was around this time that i discovered the furry fandom, which is an immense source of inspiration for me.

i am interested in many different styles and aesthetics, so my art can be all over the place. i'm also susceptible to art block, and experimenting with something different can help alleviate it. i may not draw as much anymore due to my job, as well as my other hobbies, but art is still important to me.