Cool Sites

Neat and notable websites that I've come across during my web surfing adventures!

Notice: Some of the Pokémon fansites no longer exist, and can only be accessed via the Internet Archive. Not all pages may be available.

Neocities Mutuals

The 13th Struggle APEX ALTRA Azure Sylph Bill's Lighthouse Bliss Net BMH Online cadnomori Celestial Sunset Cepheus conninami CYBER ROT CyberSparkle Dannarchy Dewside Dumbie Patch's Dumb Den Encounters LTD Frisout's Corner gato salchicha Hareryuu It's Ya Boy Pedro jackomix Katabasis Key's Klubhouse Like Home lovely charmy villains machine_cat mish's website melodicake menmy mews Mirage Island mle-s-paint MystSaphyr Nekomy neonaut neoratz Nostalgia for the 2000s plasticdino Punchy reagnyan RX Queen Sea of Stars Spirit Cellar SUKIYAKI CITY vertpush



1999X angel99 A.N. Lucas's Web Lounge ASTRO'S SOUND HELL capsule Leather Leaves Cherrychan cinni's dream home CMY2K Cyberspace Carcass districts Dreamworld Euphonium Records Old-School Hyena GIFYPET HELLO SAILOR! Ikewise Online korssespace Kumaclick laika's lonely planet macchiato Nightmare Fantasmic NiKU TRAX Quesadilla Wizard Raining-Starss rowan's blog Sapphire Kirby shiska shoujo dreams softheartclinic starlocked TEMPLATERR


Pokémon Fansites

Absol's Moonlit Cave Altered Origin Arkeis Auropaws The Cave of Dragonflies Eonlight Valley Legendary Birds Massivoon Mew Heart Mirage Island Nokocchi Nose Club Razor Shell Serebii The Sky Temple Sora Stareon's Hideout The Sun Shrine Suta-Raito Thousand Roads Valley of Nightmares

Other Cool Sites

apple dust candied Catch a Star Fool Lovers lulu in cyberspace Ham Ham Paradise Hamster Cage