Awakening Alone

Mira woke up feeling well-rested. She opened her eyes slowly, so as not to overwhelm them with the morning light. A cool breeze blew gently as the world was awakening. The day’s first sunbeams illuminated the verdant trees, casting their shadow over the small pond.

It felt so peaceful.

It felt so terribly wrong.

Mira didn’t move; she continued to lay uncomfortably on the ground. This wasn’t where she was supposed to be. Come to think of it, she couldn’t recall where she was supposed to be. Her chest tightened as her heartbeat began to quicken. In an attempt to calm herself, Mira stretched her entire body, reaching her arms out in front of her and arching her back. Two stubby blue legs were stretching where her arms should be.

Mira scrambled to stand on her strange-looking feet and dashed over to the pond. She stared at her reflection for several minutes, wide-eyed and silent. She gazed deep into her own beady eyes. The tall fin atop her head swayed minutely in the breeze. Mira was inhabiting the body of a Mudkip.

Her thoughts raced, wracking her brain, trying to remember something, anything. Mira found that she only knew her name, and that she was a human being. Mira was not a Mudkip. Her eyes remained fixated on her reflection, slightly distorted from the ripples in the water.

How did this happen?

Shaking her head, Mira finally averted her gaze from her unfamiliar reflection. She began to scan the area. The pond was the only major feature of the small, grassy clearing. Wildflowers grew sparsely in between the blades of tall grass. Around the perimeter of the clearing stood a woodland comprised of oak trees. The only sound to be heard was the whisper of the wind, blowing a few leaves by as they danced in the air. From what Mira could tell, not a soul was nearby.

Examining the forest once more, Mira noticed a spot where the trees parted slightly. An overgrown path snaked its way deep into the woodland. Hesitantly, Mira padded toward the path. Her anxiety was soothed by the pleasant feeling of the soft, dewy grass, the fresh air she breathed, the clear weather… Mira let a small smile spread across her face as she entered the forest. The temperature was cooler than the clearing, as the sun’s rays were filtered through the leaves, dappling the forest floor with light and shadow.

After a while of walking along the forest path, the trees began to thin out once more, and a bit more light shone ahead. Mira’s stomach grumbled, quietly but indignantly. She picked up the pace. Emerging from the forest, she found herself in another clearing. Surrounding the clearing was another wall of trees. Her fin and tail drooped slightly; she hadn’t made it out of the forest. Then, something shiny and red caught her eye. A huge apple.

Mira bounded toward the enticing fruit. She devoured the apple swiftly. It was sweet, juicy, and filling. Looking up, Mira noticed many trees in the area were filled with delicious apples. Mira froze for a moment. Could I be tresspassing on someone’s orchard?

Her hunger sated, Mira continued walking into the forest of apple trees. The path underfoot was faint and overgrown. Mira decided it was safe to say this path had not been used in a long time. As the sun rose higher in the sky, Mira wandered along the path, sheltered from its heat by the canopy. The air became thick and heavy with moisture. She had been walking for hours, and Mira had not seen another being.

Is there anyone out here?

Then, Mira stopped. A crossroads sat up ahead, a signpost wedged squarely in the middle. The other paths seemed much more downtrodden, with little grass to break up the huge patches of dirt. Mira craned her neck to examine the signpost and furrowed her brow, perplexed. Whatever language the signs were written in, she couldn’t read it, or even recognize it. She scraped her feet in the dirt in frustration.

“Fantastic, I have no idea if one of these paths leads to a town!” Mira muttered to herself. “I’m going to go crazy wandering all alone! What if something happens to me? No one will be there to help…”

What did I do to deserve this? Lost all alone, with nothing, not even my memories…

Unable to control her anxious thoughts, Mira’s eyes began to sting with tears. No one was around to see; she let herself break down. The tears overflowed as all of her emotions burst out of her. Her tiny body shook as she sobbed.

Am I going to die here?