Dream Diary

10/5/20 - Scooby Doo Movie

I was watching a Scooby Doo Movie, but the only characters were Shaggy, Scooby, and Fred.

A yellow ball of feathers, with two bird legs and a beak full of sharp teeth. The gang was being hunted by a birdlike monster. (See artist's interpetation to the left.)

Despite its goofy appearance, the creature was evil, vicious, and crafty. It could either shapeshift or project illusions - at the end of the movie, it pretended to be Shaggy. Scooby and Fred were fooled by its disguise, but the real Shaggy grabbed the monster just in time. They pulled out all of its teeth and it ceased being evil. And that was the end of that.

I had another dream where my mom drove me all the way to college so I could go to class. Once we arrived, I remembered that I'd already graduated... I was upset that we had wasted our time.

9/27/20 - Catching Up

I haven't written a proper entry in a while, so I'll discuss some dreams that I've had lately.

In one dream, I was walking along the outside of a school building when I saw a green cheek conure flying around. I called out to the little parrot, and he flew over and perched on my arm. He hung out with me for the rest of my walk.

In a nightmare, I was bleeding out of my chest. There was no apparent wound or cause; it just suddenly opened up and started oozing an alarming amount of blood.

In the most recent dream I can recall, I was walking past the retention pond in my neighborhood. In the pond was a frog the size of a soccer ball. It resembled a giant African bullfrog. The frog was trying to eat a turtle whole. I was in awe of the absolute size of this frog.

Apparently, finding random animals is a recurring theme in my dreams. I wonder if it holds any meaning, or if it's simply because of my love for animals.

8/7/20 - Garlic Cat

I received a letter in the mail, handwritten on lined paper, that contained a strange piece of writing that the sender created for me. It was written in archaic English. In the story, there was a cat that liked to lick garlic. For some reason, people were angry about that, and were mean to the lady who owned him. Then, the cat got his revenge on the angry people. I don't remember exactly how, but he took revenge in silly, mischievous ways.

In another dream, I was having a bad day at work. I kept making mistakes such as dropping things, spilling things, and leaving doors open. One of my managers was very cross with me due to all the accidents I was causing. Also, the building that was my workplace in the dream was more reminiscent of a hallway at my old middle school... Weird.

8/6/20 - Good Financial Decisions

My mom and I were driving around town when we found a new store that sold Pokémon merchandise. It wasn't an official store, it was run by a fan. There were all kinds of Pokémon figurines and knick-knacks for sale. I mainly remember seeing Pikachu stuff everywhere. Even though it was really neat, I am glad it's not a real store, because I would like to keep my life savings. I don't recall purchasing anything in the dream, but in real life, I would certainly spend far too much!

7/25/20 - Bad Financial Decisions

I dreamed that I went to some kind of niche toy store and spend a ton of money on a doll. The doll looked like a BJD with the head of a Littlest Pet Shop cat. The doll's body was on the short and chunky side; even still, the head looked a little too large. It was a blank doll, so I would've had to paint it. I was very disappointed in myself for splurging so much on an impulse instead of saving my money.

7/22/20 - Finally, an Entry

After almost a month of being unable to remember or write down my dreams, I had a vivid dream last night. I was walking in a grocery store parking lot when I suddenly heard a loud noise in the distance. I looked up in the sky and saw an immense tornado. The view was so vivid; the sky was all orange and pink, and I could see the clouds of the swirling tornado in detail. I dashed to my house (it wasn't far from the parking lot in the dream) and hid inside a kitchen cabinet. The cabinet was uncomfortably cramped, so I fled to the bathtub instead. I brought a pillow and a blanket to put in the tub, in case I needed to sleep there. I also frantically texted my boyfriend and desperately hoped he was safe. At some part of the dream, I was able to glimpse the storm outside again, and the sky was still filled with those vivid colors, as well as the tornado. There were also dark gray clouds shaped like lightning. After that, I woke up.

Tornadoes are one of my biggest fears, but interestingly, I wasn't afraid in the dream. For that reason, I wouldn't consider it a nightmare. The only part where I felt afraid was when I was worrying about my boyfriend. In real life, I worry about him a lot, so that's definitely a psychological projection of my anxieties. The human brain is a fascinating broken machine. Also, the pillow and blanket part is kinda funny to me, because that's what I did during Hurricane Florence. I was so frightened of that storm that I slept in the bathtub.

6/23/20 - Weird Dog Days

My dreams last night were mostly nonsensical, but I will describe what I can recall. I was on some sort of expedition with a group of people. We were exploring a sunny, hilly area, lush with grass and trees on the sideline. I had been turned into a dog, through some kind of reversible means. I attempted to help with whatever task we were doing, but I had difficulty communicating with them because I was in dog form. One of them called me a stupid dog, even though they knew I was a human. I stormed off and turned back into a human.

In a different dream, I met a weird dog who was going to be the adopted brother of a dog I met at work. The dog looked like an owl mixed with a bulldog and a Yorkie. His eyes were set high on his head, and spread far apart. He had huge, bushy eyebrows that extended to his tufty ears. His fur was black with a few brown parts, and its texture was scruffy - much like a Yorkie. His body was very stout, and he had the flat face and huge toothy smile of a bulldog. He was a very sweet boy. Unfortunately, I cannot recall his name.

6/13/20 - BEES!

Unfortunately, I haven't been remembering my dreams well (or at all) for the past few nights. :(

Last night, though, I dreamed I had to walk to my mom's friend's house. (In the dream, the house I saw did not look anything like her house actually does. Stuff like that is common in my dreams, they're funny like that.) However, once I walked near the house, I realized I couldn't get to the door, because there were bees all over the ground. Just... Bees, everywhere. The bees weren't angry, and I didn't feel scared; rather, I was just frustrated at the inconvenience. Like, really, bees? Why do you have to be buzzing around on the ground right where I need to get? I woke up before I could solve the problem of how to get in the house.

6/9/20 - Dog-Gone Fishing

I dreamed that my dad and my dog were fishing at a lake. Dad would reel a fish in with his line, and my dog would fetch it. In real life, dad hasn't been fishing since he was a kid, and I don't know how my dog would react to a fish.

In a different dream, I found an orange tabby kitten on a grassy hill near a highway, and I picked him up and carried him around. He was really warm and soft. I must say, though, it's odd that I had another dream about picking up a random animal I found somewhere.

6/7/20 - Science Time!

I dreamed I was at a science exhibit. There was an aquarium in the center of the room, elevated off the ground with four wooden stilts, because physics are irrelevant in the dreamworld! Inside the aquarium were a multitude of colorful nudibranchs and corals. There was also a planetarium room, where I laid down and peacefully watched a projection of the stars. Unfortunately, that's all I can remember, as the other parts of my dream disappeared from my memory as soon as I woke up :(

6/6/20 - Durpbam

I dreamed I was in a shopping center. My dad called me over to look at some lovely art prints - the kind you’d see artists sell at an anime convention - displayed on a spinning rack. I believe he was thinking about purchasing a few as a present for me. I decided I’d look around more before choosing the gift I'd like. After I looked away, the rack disappeared. At this point, my dad was no longer in the dream.

I wandered into a cave-like area, somehow still in the shopping area. It looked like something you’d see at a zoo, like an enclosure for an alligator. It had a dirt floor, several boulders, a pond, and little dirt huts. Inside one of the huts was a miniature dachshund. I picked him up and read his name tag. His name was Durpbam, pronounced “Durham”. I’m not sure how I knew the pronunciation. Carrying the cute little Durpbam in my arms, I exited the cave area.

I was now on the city street outside of the shopping center. I saw one of my coworkers chasing her dog, who was running away, across the crosswalk in the middle of the street. Thankfully, the bus that was coming managed to stop, and her dog made it to the other side of the crosswalk. After that, I woke up. All morning, I was chuckling to myself about Durpbam, and how silly his name was.

Earlier in the night, I had a dream that my boyfriend said something I disagreed with, and I got very angry with him and called him an idiot. I don't remember what he said. When I woke up, I felt guilty, even though it was just a dream...