welcome to worm's world

howdy! my name is worm, welcome to my website ~☆ it is a huge work in progress for now! or would it be a worm in progress?

this website is rated 13+ for strong language.

the navigation and styleswitcher use javascript, and the styleswitcher uses cookies to remember which style you've set. that's all, it isn't going to steal your data, credit card number, mortal soul, etc.


5.2.22 — the styleswitcher has returned once more! i'm happy with it, so it'll actually stay this time... currently, it features a new "dark mode" style with black, dark blue, and teal.

as you can see, i've changed the update format. i tried doing bullet point updates, but i missed being long-winded! XD

we also have a shiny new poll feature. i call it "poll of the moment" because i don't want to force myself to stick to a schedule. i want to update it when i actually have a good idea for it. (the "you suck" option is not intended to be self-deprecating, it's a reference to the cave of dragonflies.)

i'm working something that resembles a "blog", but i need to edit it and practice my writing skills before it'll be presentable. i'm also working on other ideas for the site. until then, stay swaggy! — worm

poll of the moment

what colors should my next layout feature?
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